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Language Labs

 Every Word Language course has a minimum of 50 minutes of time designed as “Lab” time.  The objective of Lab time is to come together in smaller groups to practice and work with the language students are learning in class.  Lab’s concentration is on speaking (expressive) and listening (receptive) skills, through interaction with the instructors and other students and through the use of technology.   Lab time is time for students to further practice, experiment, investigate, test, and receive feedback about their language speaking (expressive) and listening (receptive) abilities.


Open Lab for further Practice:

Open Lab time is for further language practice outside of regularly scheduled class and lab time.  Rooms are open for World Languages students to use the computers to work on Canvas assignments and to use language-based websites and programs, especially for listening, watching, speaking (recording), and other skills to practice. Some Spanish and Arabic tutoring is also provided during Open Lab hours. Please ask your teacher for the semester’s Open Lab and Tutoring times and locations.  For tutoring in languages other than Spanish and Arabic, please go to the Learning Assistance Center in RCF 340.

For Faculty Resources for teaching Lab, click here: