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At a Glance...
       Credits per course: 4
       Classroom hours per week: 4
       Computerized classroom hours per week: 3
       Weekly individual computer practice & conversation groups: 1 hr

ITAL-101  Elementary Italian I

Introduce yourself to the world of Italian through listening, speaking, writing, and reading. In the introductory course, students learn to listen, speak, write, and read on a basic level. They also learn about Italian culture and society. Instruction focuses on oral communication, supported by a state-of-the-art computerized classroom and conversation specialists. 

ITAL-102   Elementary Italian II

Broaden the scope of your abilities as a speaker of Italian as a second language. Students continue to develop the four basic language skills, particularly oral communication, and to look inside the rich culture of Italy. Each student will develop a project that reflects a personal goal for learning Italian.

ITAL-201  Intermediate Italian I

Cultivate your storytelling skills by developing the structures of the past tenses.

Students in this second-year course will use the skills needed to listen, speak, write, and read in Italian within the context of a series of communicative activities. They will expand their knowledge of Italian and will, through the use of multimedia technology, create a personalized project reflective of individual interests in Italian culture.

ITAL-202 Intermediate Italian II

In this second intermediate level course, students will be exposed to more higher-level text and develop a better comprehension of bilateral and weak verb forms. Students will practice more conversational exchanges and greatly expand their working vocabulary. This course is the last in a series of four basic/intermediate offerings.