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At a Glance...
      Credits per course: 4
      Classroom hours per week: 3
      Required weekly lab hours: 1

GERM-101  Elementary German I

In German 101 students will learn to listen, speak, write, and read in simple German while learning about the rich and varied cultures of the German-speaking world. Instruction focuses on oral communication and is supported by a computerized classroom. 

GERM-102   Elementary German II

In German 102, students continue to develop the four basic language skills (emphasis on oral communication) while discovering the intricacies of German culture. Students will present an imaginary trip around Germany that will integrate culture and language.

GERM-201  Intermediate German I

Students in this second-year course will use the skills needed to listen, speak, write, and read in the context of a series of practical communicative activities. They will expand their knowledge of the German-speaking world and will, through the use of multimedia, create a personal project reflective of individual interests in German. 

GERM-202  Intermediate German II

This final course of the four-semester sequence fulfills a language requirement recognized at most four-year institutions. Students will produce a miniproject using all four language skills as they continue to develop and practice the basics of intermediate German.