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At a glance...
      Credits: 4
      Classroom hours per week: 3

      Weekly lab hours: 1

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CHNS-101  Elementary Mandarin Chinese I

Chinese 101 is taught in a "traditional" classroom setting and is not self-directed!  Chinese 102 and 201 are, however, taught as self-directed classes with a master tutor.

In this introductory 4 credit course, students learn to listen, speak, write, and read at a beginning level. Students will become familiar with simple Chinese characters and the sound system of Chinese (including accent and tone). They will develop a basic working vocabulary and learn simple grammatical concepts. Upon completion of this elementary Chinese course, students will be able to hold a simple conversation about everyday situations. Finally, students will expand their knowledge of Chinese culture and civilization. This course is self-instructional/tutor assisted. 

CHNS-102 Elementary Mandarin Chinese II

In CHNS-102, students review Chinese characters isolated/connected forms; continue to create simple sentences using gender, plurals, pronouns, possession, verb forms, past and present tense, geographic place names, and the counting system through the introduction of meaningful vocabulary. Students will increase their proficiency in Chinese script and sound system, widen their working vocabulary, learn key grammatical points, practice conversation and expand their knowledge of Chinese culture.

CHNS-201  Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I

In this first, intermediate level course, students continue to refine their Chinese writing skills, develop the ability to read and understand sentence-level text, explore Chinese verb roots, study additional tense, present, and future tenses, practice dialogue exercises, increase their working vocabulary, and learn more in-depth grammar. Students will continue to increase their proficiency in the Chinese script and sound system, study more grammatical concepts, practice their reading, and expand their knowledge of Chinese culture.

CHNS-201 Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II

In this second intermediate level course, students will be exposed to more higher-level text and develop a better comprehension of bilateral and weak verb forms. Students will practice more conversational exchanges and greatly expand their working vocabulary. This course is the last in a series of four basic/intermediate offerings.