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Each language course offers 4 credits and involves three hours per week with a fourth hour of required lab.

AMSL-101 Elementary American Sign Language I

In this introductory course, students learn to communicate both receptively and expressively at a basic novice level. AMSL students are also introduced to many aspects and key issues associated with deaf culture and community. Instruction focuses on expressive/receptive skill development; conversational skills will be developed during class, labs, and outside of class. In labs, students will be divided into groups designed to focus on specific areas of ASL. Videotapes shown in class will serve as a jumping-off point for discussions. The students must register for both the course and the lab section.

AMSL-102 Elementary American Sign Language II

In AMSL-102, students review finger spelling and core signs. They will continue to communicate basic ideas, needs and reactions. More vocabulary will be introduced as students increase their conversational and receptive skills. Student will learn more about deaf culture, society, and issues about the deaf.

AMSL-201 Intermediate American Sign Language I

AMSL-201 expands on the skills of AMSL-101 and AMSL-102 to further develop understanding of the grammatical rules of American Sign Language. Students will develop rudimentary competency in expressive and receptive use of ASL, as well as a greater understanding of deaf culture.