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The World Languages Team is delighted to welcome students from all social and cultural backgrounds to expand their talents, cultivate their careers, and promote exchange of knowledge in various areas of international languages. Studying a world language equips students to explore cultures and communicate with peoples, promotes cultural awareness, encourages human understanding, and prepares students to be productive global citizens. With its strong academic reputation, deeply held values and rich teaching expertise, the World Languages Team is strongly committed to high-quality academic excellence. We celebrate students’ success and offer them a specially tailored program for quality foreign languages education

Our world language classes emphasize the standards for Foreign Language Learning“5-C’s”.

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World Languages Program Values Statement:

The World Languages faculty members are passionate advocates of proficiency in languages and culture and are instrumental to the development of HCC students as global citizens. We respond with agility and flexibility to our students’ and communities’ learning needs with innovative, high-quality instruction and academic support. We inspire a lifelong love of and respect for learning and offer unique opportunities to students on campus, in the community, and abroad to make meaningful connections among languages, cultures, daily life and communication, multiple academic disciplines and different world views. We encourage foresight, creativity, and enthusiasm in teachers and learners. We value the cutting edge and maintain a high degree of awareness of the best practices in the field; we emphasize collaboration and partnerships, internal and external alignments, and continuous assessments and improvements. We foster a welcoming, supportive and integrative learning environment. As a diverse team of language professionals, we strive to create an inclusive network, align our strengths, and cultivate effective communication to maintain and enrich our program’s quality. 

Please browse our website for information about the many language courses we offer and other information we hope you find helpful


If you would like further information about World Languages at HCC, please e-mail Cheryl Berman, Director of World Languages, at  or call the English and World Languages Division Office located in Duncan Hall, Room DH 239, (443)518-1540, M-F, 8:30AM-8:00PM.