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Welcome to the English as a Second Language credit program, housed in the Division of English/World Languages at HCC, DH 239.  Please find below course outlines for all courses in the ESL program, along with additional resources for students and instructors.  For more information about HCC's ESL Credit Program, please contact Sarah Saxer, Director of ESL, at or (443) 518-4553.

Select ESL Credit Course if you are:

  • looking for college preparatory, academic classes (reading, writing, and oral communication)
  • seeking a degree at HCC
  • preparing to transfer to another school

ESL Program Information

ESL Courses Offered:

ESL classes

ESL Elective:




Course Descriptions and Outlines:

ENGL-083 Academic Intermediate Reading                  3 creditsCourse Outline 
ENGL-084 Academic Intermediate Writing                   3 creditsCourse Outline
ENGL-0851 Academic Advanced Oral Communication   3 creditsCourse Outline
ENGL-086 Academic Advanced Reading                        3 creditsCourse Outline
ENGL-0872 Academic Advanced Reading                        3 creditsCourse Outline


ENGL-0883 Grammar for Written Expression    1 credit (elective)

Course Outline 



Students must take a placement test to determine their class level.  Visit the Test Center Site for information on the Placement Test.

1Students can be exempted from taking ENGL 085, Academic Advanced Oral Communication, by passing the Oral Language Assessment (OLA).  For more information and to register for the OLA, visit the Request for Oral Language Assessment page.

2The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) is designed for students whose reading and writing placement scores are within a designated upper range. Students placed into ENGL 087, but who qualify for ALP, can move directly into ENGL 121 ESL while completing a supplementary online component.

3ENGL 088, Grammar for Written Expression-ESL, is a one-credit elective for students who have successfully completed ENGL 087 or who are eligible for ENGL 121.

Additional Resources

Online Resources for ESL Students and Instructors

International Campus Resources: for international opportunities and information

HCC also offers noncredit ESL classes and full-time ESL study through the English Institute.