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Accelerated Learning Program for ESL students – ENGL 121 -EALP

checkWhat is the EALP?

The Accelerated Learning Program for ESL students (EALP) is a program that allows students with appropriate placement scores* to accelerate their entry into ENGL 121, saving time and money.

checkWho can participate?

The EALP is for ESL students with strong placement scores in reading and writing:

  •  Reading placement:  students place into ENGL 121 or successfully complete ENGL 086.
  •  Writing placement: students score 65-89* in sentence skills placement test. 

In order to develop essential ENGL 087 skills, EALP students are required to complete a supplementary online program in addition to ENGL 121.

checkIs the EALP supplemental program an additional course?

  • the EALP program is not a full course.  It is a support program, has fewer requirements, and requires less time than a full course.  Students work independently but are in contact with an instructor throughout the semester:
    •  students meet one-on-one with their EALP instructor three times during the semester.
    •  students communicate with their EALP instructor and other EALP students through Canvas, email, or face-to-face.

check What does the online program consist of? 

There are:

  • lessons on essential ENGL 087 skills
  •  exercises to practice those skills
  • short written submissions to implement the skills through writing.

check Online work requires commitment and the ability to work independently.

check Please see your advisor regarding eligibility and placement.