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Accelerated Learning Program for ESL students – ENGL 121 -EALP

checkWhat is the EALP?

The Accelerated Learning Program for ESL students (EALP) is a program that allows students with appropriate placement scores* to accelerate their entry into ENGL 121, saving time and money.  EALP students spend approximately 1 hour per week on essential ENGL 087 skills through an online program.  EALP students must pass the EALP program in order to pass ENGL 121.

checkWho can participate?

The EALP is for ESL students with strong placement scores in reading and writing:

  •  Reading placement:  students place into ENGL 121 or successfully complete ENGL 086.
  •  Writing placement: students score 65-89* in sentence skills placement test. 

In order to develop essential ENGL 087 skills, EALP students are required to complete a supplementary online program in addition to ENGL 121.

checkIs the EALP supplemental program an additional course?

  • the EALP program is not a full course.  It is a support program, has fewer requirements, and requires less time than a full course.  Students work independently for approximately 1 hour per week, but are in contact with an instructor throughout the semester:
    •  students meet one-on-one with their EALP instructor 2 or 3 times during the semester.
    •  students communicate with their EALP instructor and other EALP students through Canvas, email, or face-to-face.

check What does the online program consist of? 

There are:

  • lessons on essential ENGL 087 skills
  •  exercises to practice those skills
  • short written submissions to implement the skills through writing.

check Online work requires commitment and the ability to work independently.

check Please see your advisor regarding eligibility and placement.