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This website is designed as a tool for all current ENGL-097 faculty and prospective faculty members.  Although the materials incorporated in the site have been designed with the teacher in mind, students may also find portions of it useful.   The site  introduces newcomers to the course, explains some of the philosophy that drives the course and provides  instructional resources for teaching the course.  It attempts to address many of the questions any newcomer would have about the course such as: Who are the instructors? How is the course organized?  What subjects are addressed?  What classroom issues might an instructor anticipate?  What are effective strategies for addressing some of those issues? 

The ERG incorporates materials that 097 instructors have successfully used over the years to meet the needs of our specific student population.  Anyone using this guide will also develop a portrait of the range of work our students produce, for they have generously agreed to allow us to use their work for this ongoing project.  The site also provides a wealth of information from other sources.  A number of links include an annotative list of web sources for instructors searching for different approaches for teaching developmental writing students.

Although the ERG is rich in the information it provides, it is not exhaustive.  In an effort to maintain this site, we will continue to collect useful resources from instructors, students, and web sites to meet the growing and ever changing needs of our students.  

If you have any questions or concerns about this site or about any of its contents, please contact Jeremy O'Roark at or at 443-518-4582.