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Accelerated Learning Program for Writing

checkWhat is ENGL-121 WALP?

The Accelerated Learning Program for Writing (WALP) allows students with appropriate placement scores to take ENGL 121, earlier than traditional placement procedures allow.

checkWho can participate?

 ENGL-121 sections of WALP are for students with strong placement scores in reading and writing:

  •  Reading placement scores above 79.

  •  Writing placement scores between 73-89. 

checkWhat is the benefit to taking ENG-121 WALP?

  • Students do not need to take ENGL 097, thus saving money and time.

  • Students receive transferable college credit.

  • Students are eligible to take classes that have an ENGL-121 co-requisite.

check How are ENGL-121  WALP sections different from traditional ENGL-121 sections?

  • ENGL-121 WALP classes meet 4 hours per week instead of 3, yet students only pay for 3 credits.

  • Additional individual writing support is provided in class.

  • ENGL-121 WALP sections are challenging in that more time and effort is expected; students need to be aware of and accept that challenge

checkPlease see your advisor regarding eligibility, placement and registration for ENGL-121 WALP.