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Welcome to FYEX-100, the First-Year Experience seminar course at Howard Community College. This course is designed to help you transition into college learning and beyond. Through self-assessment, reading, writing, and reflection, you will develop academic and personal habits necessary for success at HCC, at other academic institutions, in the workforce, and elsewhere. You will learn how to develop long-term goals based on your own beliefs and values, and learn to appreciate and communicate among different cultures. Critical thinking will help you in areas of academic planning, health and wellness, and financial literacy. This is a two-credit, transferable college-level course.
(FYEX-100 is a co-requisite for Engl-086 and Engl-096.)

This course is offered with the same objectives in the following formats:

  • Athletes – facilitates academic success of student athletes enrolled in HCC Dragon programs.
  • ESL - provides non-native English speaking students with an essential and unique orientation to an understanding of the American higher education system, culture, and technology.
  • Fast-track – provides an accelerated condensed format over 3 weekends
  • Hybrid – offers half online and half on-campus sessions
  • Math emphasis – focuses on strategies for success using math content
  • Students with Disabilities – provides strategies for self-advocacy and problem-solving for students with disabilities (summer only)

Please contact Margaret Garroway, Ph.D., the course coordinator, at 443-518-4678 or at with further questions.   

Resources for Students

Course Outline

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