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English and World Languages Division

EGWL Faculty

The mission of the English/World Languages division faculty is to create high-quality, innovative, and interactive learning experiences to teach our students to master essential academic skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, cultural and global competencies, and world languages proficiency.

What Courses does English Offer?

The English instructional area spans more than the traditional first-year writing course that many students envision as “the college English experience.”

  • In addition to the first-year course (which we offer as English 121: College Composition), we offer courses in First Year Experience (FYEX), Fundamentals of Writing, Fundamentals of Academic Reading, Literature (from American to World), English as a Second Language, Ethics in Literature, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, and others.
  • We also offer an area of study in English, which earns an Associate’s Degree.
  • Keep in mind that enrollment in some courses is determined by student placement exams scores and/or prerequisites.
  • Please see our links to Instructional Areas and the HCC Course Catalog for more information and resources.

What Courses does World Languages Offer?
The World Languages instructional area offers courses in a broad range of languages including ones not always found at other institutions.

  • American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Spanish and Turkish are only some of choices available to students.
  • We also offer areas of study, as an Associate’s Degree, in Arabic and in Spanish.
  • Keep in mind that enrollment in some courses may rely on prerequisites.
  • Please see our Instructional Areas and the HCC Course Catalog for more information and resources.

Why Study English and Literature?

  • Good reading, writing and arguing abilities are necessary for college-level communication and knowledge building.
  • Businesses in today’s workplace market seek out good writers and communicators.
  • Directed studies and fundamental courses prepare students for upper-level English courses by building strong scaffolding in reading and writing skills.
  • College Composition is a course that sets the foundation for most other courses at college and beyond through the development of argumentative skills and critical thinking abilities.
  • Courses in Literature (from classic to world), Creative Writing and Technical Writing can further develop critical and creative thinking by exposing students to multiple world views, diverse communication and the abstract expression of ideas.

Why Study World Languages?

  • World language study helps students become more culturally aware and more prepared for the global workplace.
  • Students learn more than the basics of grammar and spelling; they are immersed in the cultural connections of a language as they engage in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Advanced abilities in critical languages (such as Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, and others) can put someone in a favorable position to be hired by businesses, governments and other industries/organizations. Critical Languages are languages identified as being in high demand, but for which there are limited people to fill positions who can communicate effectively.

Why Take First Year Experience?
Successful college students have  exceptional academic and personal habits that they bring to their scholastic endeavors, to the workplace and into social life.

  • FYEX helps prepare students to be successful by engaging them in instruction and activities that can help develop study and test-taking skills, time management, organizational skills, learning styles, critical thinking abilities, etc.
  • Other themes of FYEX include academic planning, career planning, information literacy and financial literacy.
  • While FYEX is required for some students, the course is one that can be beneficial to most students who attend college.

Careers for People with a Strong Background in English
People with strong English communication abilities or degrees in English have a wide potential for career options.

  • Some of these careers include jobs in advertising, copy writing/editing, education, journalism, law, public relations, politics, sales, technical writing and travel writing.
  • Other options might include corporate blogging, social media development or lobbying and activism.
  • Keep in mind that some of these careers may require further study or specialized degrees.

Careers for People with a Strong Background in a Language

People who have good communication abilities in another language—especially in a critical language—have the possibility of working in a variety of fields and careers.

  • Some of these careers include jobs in advertising, business, education, hospitality, international relations or international law, public relations, sciences, technology, and travel.
  • Keep in mind that some of these careers may require further study or specialized degrees.

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