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Summer Language Program for High School Students!

This six week ( 96 hours ) academic program focuses students on a language and cultural journey along the Silk Road in China, India, the Middle East and North Africa.

By the end of their journey, students will have interacted with each other in order to:

  • find out and  exchange information about themselves and  others
  • compare and contrast everyday life including school, home, recreation, hobbies, weather, pets etc.
  • navigate situations like ordering food, securing a hotel room, or buying in the market
  • ask for and give directions to locations inside towns or along the Silk Road.
  • function as the guest in a home along the Silk Road as part of a celebration.

Additionally, students will be able to interpret and react to  signs, symbols, instructor directions, gestures and media information.  Finally, students will be able to present information in a written or oral format on various of the above situations to their classmates, instructors and parents.

At the end of the program students will remember that:

  • Arabic, Chinese, Persianand Hindi are languages;
  • These languages are spoken by a diversity of peoples whose customs, traditions and beliefs are reflected in their languages;
  • Their perception of the world is formed by their own culture and that by studying language they will know more about themselves as a product of their culture and their language;
  • Cultures are interconnected and that interconnectedness has an influence on each others’ culture. 

Cultures are always changing to reflect new ideologies and discoveries.