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Howard Community College's flexibility is designed for student success, with any number of options to suit your lifestyle.

HCC's nontraditional options offer you choices.   

  • "Challenge" exams, proficiency tests, and waivers for previously learned subject matter;
  • Portfolio assessments to obtain credit for life experience;
  • Credits for industry certification;
  • Distance learning options, such as: (1) hybrid courses, (2) telecourses, and (3) independent study.
  • A campus that is highly accessible for students with disabilities.  At HCC this means more than just wheelchair access; we provide services for hearing-impaired and learning-disabled students, and more. 

HCC suits your lifestyle.

  • Distance and on-campus learning;
  • Classes scheduled nights, days, and weekends;
  • The opportunity to take a few skill-clustered courses or an entire two-year program; 
  • The option of auditing credit courses as noncredit;
  • Open enrollment on many office technology courses;
  • Half-semester courses;
  • Transfer or two-year degrees;
  • Open computer labs available seven days a week and monitored by our
    well-trained staff, who can help you with the technology so you can 
    accomplish your assignments.

Small classes, hands-on training, and free tutoring cater to your needs. 

This individual attention we provide increases student success.  HCC offers assistance in our state-of-the-art computer labs, a writing lab with knowledgeable staff to guide you, and an individual tutoring program.  Computer classes accommodate a maximum of 24 students, so that each student will have access to his/her own computer.  See Student Services for details on tutoring, counseling, and much more.

Our top-quality instructors are dedicated to teaching.  

Our division faculty have outstanding technical and business knowledge, current certifications, and  experience.  These talented teachers are known for focusing on student needs and being highly accessible for assistance, advising, and consultation. See Faculty for more details.