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The Office Technology Department offers programs that give you the opportunity to earn a letter of recognition, certificate, and/or associate degree.

If you want to gain marketable skills as quickly as possible, consider earning a letter of recognition. Most of the credits in these letters are also available in the degree programs. You can always continue your education while working. Often employers offer tuition reimbursement plans. 

If you are not planning to work for a year or two, then working toward a certificate or associate degree is a good idea. 

If you do not plan to work for two years and wish to earn a degree, then you should take all of your general education courses first and save the computer-related courses for your last year. That way, your skills will be current and fresh in your mind when you get a job.

A letter of recognition gives you the basic skills necessary for a particular career area. A letter is an excellent choice if you already have a college degree and/or office work experience and just lack computer or office skills specific to the career area. A letter of recognition totals fewer than 12 credits.

A certificate is an excellent choice if you do not have office experience, as you obtain not only the most recent computer skills but also the general office skills needed to successfully work in an office. A certificate in the Office Technology area totals fewer than 25 credits.

An associate degree in Office Technology consists of computer and office skills courses and 22 to 23 credits of general education courses (which include topics such as mathematics, science, and composition). The general education courses are what really make a degree different from a certificate. In the Office Technology career areas, a degree is not necessary for initial employment, but it is often necessary for advancement.  Many evening students are working toward degrees, because their lack of a degree is used as a reason not to promote them. A degree in Office Technology offers 60 to 61 credits.

Career Areas:  Check the following list for specific programs of study. Click on the appropriate link for more information about course requirements for the career area that interests you. 

Office Technology - A.A.S. Degree

Office Management/Supervision Option
Office Assistant Option
Legal Office Assistant Option

Office Technology Certificates

Office Assistant
Legal Office Assistant
Medical Transcriptionist

Office Technology Letters of Recognition

Software Applications Specialist
Legal Office Assistant
Office Automation Specialist