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Immediately after enrolling in one of the online courses listed below, submit the pre-semester notification form. Click on this link:  Office Technology Online Course Pre-semester Notification Form. You will receive further information the week classes begin. 

Many of the courses offered in the Office Technology Classroom may be taken online. The online sections have the same format as that of the open-entry sections, except that the online sections are required to upload assignments to our learning management system, Canvas, and participate in graded class discussions.  The online sections are only offered twice a year—the beginning of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester.

Note:  If you are reading this section of the website because you wish to start an online section at times other than the beginning of the fall or spring semester, please visit the Open Entry Courses web page.

All online students may do their work at home or in the Office Technology Classroom. All online students must come to the Office Technology Classroom during open hours to take tests throughout the semester. 

The courses use the Canvas Learning Management System. All assignments for the semester are given to you at the beginning of the semester. There are deadlines for assignments and tests; however, all work may be completed before the deadline dates. 

Note:  Be aware that online sections do not have flexible start dates.

Here is a list of the courses offered online. 

Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
CMSY-102 Beginning Word Processing
CMSY-104 Advanced Word Processing

Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
CMSY-101 Beginning Spreadsheets
CMSY-117 Advanced Spreadsheets

Databases (Microsoft Access)
CMSY-103 Beginning Databases
CMSY-118 Advanced Databases

PowerPoint for Presentations
CMSY-116 PowerPoint

CMSY-123 Microsoft Office Publisher

Microsoft Office
CMSY-110 Software Applications for Micros
CMSY-136 Integrated Software Applications

CMSY-126 Introduction to the Internet

Web Design and Development
CMSY-128 Introduction to HTML

Operating Systems
CMSY-132 Introduction to Windows
CMSY-134 Introduction to Operating Systems

CMSY-142 Operating System Fundamentals I
CMSY-143 Operating System Fundamentals II

OFFI-279 Keyboarding

OFFI-260 Medical Terminology


Room DH-301
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