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Students must be in standard chef uniform during culinary labs and classes.  The CHCS uniform is as follows:

  • Clean, wrinkle-free, plain white chef coat with HCC  logo and studnet name no other insignias, names, colored piping or other markings
  • Black and white checked chef pants, neatly hemmed so cuffs do not drag on the floor
  • Black, Leather, Non-slip work shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • White bib apron
  • White neckerchief, properly folded and knotted
  • Chef Hat with HCC logo.
  • Black or white crew length socks
  • The uniform must be clean, wrinkle free, maintained free of holes, tears, stains etc. This is a part of your grade and represents our profession. Wear it proudly! The standard uniform must be worn during all culinary labs and classes even if the class starts or ends with a lecture component. Breaks will not be given to allow students to dress between the lecture and lab components; students should come to class dressed in a clean, pressed and proper uniform. Hats & aprons need only to be worn in the lab.

Students enrolled in lab courses will also need to purchase a baking and pastry and knife kit.  You may order directly from supplier by using this website:

During the mandatory student orientation at the beginning of each semester, uniform and knife kit suppliers
will be available for students to purchase/place orders for uniform and required supplied.