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Hospitality Management A.A.S. Degree (Career)

For curriculum information, contact the Business and Computer Systems Division—Room DH-239—443-518-1520.

The Hospitality Management program is designed to prepare graduates to function at mid-level management positions in the hospitality/tourism field. It is organized to provide theory and application for different arenas within the career, providing tracks in Casino Management, Food and Beverage Management, Lodging Management, and Event Management. Variations in internships and availability of electives accommodate those who have no experience as well as those who have relevant past experience. This program will prepare graduates for employment in hospitality. Transferability to several four-year programs has been developed. 


Composition ENGL-121 College Composition3
Humanities, Arts & Literature1 Humanities, Arts or Literature Core Course (see page 61-63)3-4 

SPCH-105 Fundamentals of Public Speaking


SPCH-110 Interpersonal Communication  

Social SciencesHistory Core Course (see p. 63)  3
Science  Science Core Course (see p. 63; must include lab)4
Mathematics  Mathematics Core Course (see p. 64) 3-5

CMSY-126 Introduction to the Internet


CMSY-129 Principles of the Internet 



ACCT-111                                  Principles of Accounting I                                                             3
BMGT-100                                 Introduction to Business and Organization                                  3
BMGT-130                                 Principles of Marketing                                                                  3
BMGT-240                                 Human Resource Management                                                     3
CMSY-110                                 Software Applications for Micros                                                   3
ECON-101                                 Principles of Economics (Macro)                                                    3
HMGT-101                                 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry                                        3
Additional Courses in Major*                                                                                                        19-21
Total Credits for AAS                                                                                                                     60-67

*Students will choose 19-21 credits from the courses listed below according to their specific career plans. The courses are grouped into four specific interest areas, but students are free to select 19-21 credits from any area.

Casino Management 

HMGT-110                                 Introduction to Casino Management                                                 3
HMGT-116                                 Casino Organization and Culture                                                      2
HMGT-163                                 Introduction to Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions                  3
HMGT-180                                 Hospitality Management Internship                                                  2
HMGT-235                                 Casino Marketing                                                                              3
HMGT-245                                 Casino Surveillance Operations                                                        3
HMGT-255                                 Casino Operations                                                                            3

Food and Beverage Management

CMGT-100                                 Culinary Basics                                                                                1
HMGT-111                                 Foodservice Safety and Sanitation                                                  1
HMGT-120                                 Food Preparation I                                                                          3
HMGT-220                                 Food Preparation II                                                                         3
HMGT-225                                 Hospitality Purchasing and Cost Control                                         3
HMGT-250                                 Food and Beverage Management and Service                                3
HMGT-260                                 Fundamentals of Wines, Spirits, and Beers                                    3
HMGT-285                                 Dining Room Service                                                                       1
HMGT-290                                 Food and Beverage Management Field Internship                         1                 

Lodging Management

HMGT-160                                 Introduction to Travel and Tourism                                                 2
HMGT-163                                 Introduction to Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions                3
HMGT-165                                 Introduction to the Cruise Ship Industry                                         3
HMGT-180                                 Hospitality Management Internship                                                 2 
HMGT-225                                 Hospitality Purchasing and Cost Control                                          3
HMGT-242                                 Lodging Management and Operations                                             3
HMGT-244                                 Managing the Housekeeping Operation                                           2
HMGT-250                                 Food and Beverage Management and Service                                 3                             

Event Management

HMGT-160                                 Introduction to Travel and Tourism                                                  2
HMGT-165                                 Introduction to the Cruise Ship Industry                                          3
HMGT-163                                 Introduction to Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions                 3
HMGT-164                                 Event Management                                                                          3
HMGT-180                                 Hospitality Management Internship                                                 2
HMGT-242                                 Lodging Management Operations                                                   3
HMGT-250                                 Food and Beverage Management and Service                                3
HMGT-260                                 Fundamentals of Wines, Spirits, and Beers                                     3    


1 A World Language is recommended, but not required.