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American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation (ACFEF) Accreditation

ACF LogoThe Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies has successfully achieved the prestigious ACF accreditation for the Culinary AAS Degree and Certificates in Professional Cooking and Professional Baking and Pastries. This Accreditation assures that

  • our center is meeting standards and competencies set for faculty, curriculum and student services
  • all academic programs in the Center are accountable and credible
  • center students, faculty members and staff display a high level of professionalism and engage in up-to-date industry practices

The ACF Accrediting Commission is the national accrediting commission for culinary programs. As the largest and most prestigious organization in the United States dedicated to chef professionalism in both industry and education, the ACF helps set professional standards for culinary education and assists in career development. It has more than 10,000 members.

Being part of an accredited program enhances employment opportunities for students. This accreditation assures students that the program exceeds standards set for culinary programs nationally and provides the public with validation of high standards for culinary arts. The accreditation also keeps the program current and relevant as well as attracts nationwide attention and prestige to the program.

Other Benefits:

  • Marketing tool for recruiting students
  • Instant recognition by employers which promotes gainful employment for HCC students
  • ACFEF accreditation acts as a third party endorser for federal funding
  • ACFEFAC is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

In addition, Graduates of ACFEF accredited postsecondary degree or certificate programs are eligible to receive either a Certified Culinarian® (CC®) or Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®) certification depending on the concentration of their program without paying any fees or taking any separate exams

If you would like additional information, please contact Vinnie Rege, Center Director at 443-518-4469 or