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Professional coaching has become an accepted, effective tool for improving performance, learning, and satisfaction of either individuals or organizations both within and away from the workplace.

How does this field differ from other “helping” professions?  
Professional coaching can assist any individual or company to achieve a higher level of performance, learning, or satisfaction. A professional coach is typically trained and certified to facilitate productive change in people and to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped. Organizations may use business coaching to develop future leaders, improve team member performance, reduce turnover, or achieve business objectives. An individual may hire a personal coach to help navigate life goals such as retirement planning, career development, managing multiple priorities, or communication skills.   

What is the future outlook and job market for professional coaches?
It is expected that this field will grow tremendously in the future. Now is the time to begin preparation in this emerging profession. As stress levels in our personal lives and workplaces continue to increase, the need for some assistance to chart life’s course will grow. Leaders and managers need to equip themselves with coaching skills to better partner with their teams. Many people who would not necessarily be open to the idea of other types of assistance are open to the idea and benefits of coaching—professional counseling, for example. The coaching relationship is one of collaborative alliance, not therapy.

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"As coaches we hand people tools, hold the light so they can see what needs to be done, and have both hands free to do it."