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Howard Community College has partnered with organizations such as CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco to provide approved course curricula, and plenty of hands-on experience to prepare students for successful entry into the IT employment market and to sit for industry certification exams.

Mission Statement

Howard Community College's (HCC) Industry Certification Program is dedicated to providing the highest quality information technology (IT) instruction delivered by certified instructors who share real-world experiences. Our goal is to prepare students for careers, not just to pass certification exams. We recognize that the IT field is extremely dynamic and strive to offer current and relevant courses. Hands-on practice translates to success and confidence in the workplace, and we value its importance within our program. Commitment to our students and providing lifelong learning are two of our primary objectives.

There are many reasons to earn industry certifications, but the simplest answers are:

  • certifications verify your knowledge and qualifications for working with specific technology.
  • certifications demonstrate your dedication to working in the IT field.

Discount Exam Vouchers
HCC offers discounted exam vouchers for current students. Vouchers are available for CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ exams. To obtain a voucher, stop by the HCC cashier in the RCF building. You can purchase a voucher; then register for the exam by following the instructions thaty are provided with the voucher. You may take the exam on the date, time and location you choose. HCC Testing Center is a testing site. Exam prices provide a considerable discount. Current prices are: A+ (per exam) $100.00; Network+ $145.00; Security+ $200.00. Prices are subject to change based on current voucher costs.

For more information, please contact Betty Logan at (443-518-4785).