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Operating virtually can make your employees happier and your profits larger.

Worldwide, companies are rapidly adopting a new busines model:  the virtual office, where team members use technology to break down geographic boundaries and collaborate on projects from around the globe.  New ways of doing business require fresh new approaches to management.  With Internet infrastructure rising, the Brick & Mortar structures are fading away.  With examples of Dell, IBM,, eBay, Second Life and other virtual worlds the business scenario is changing.

Watch this short video on the virtual office:

Virtual Management will enable businesses to handle entire projects virtually, allowing users to access the project from any place and contribute seamlessly in developing the solution. Team activities would be coordinated through online communities.  The mode of interaction would be through blogs, wikis, social networks, workspaces, forums, chats, twitter and webconferences.

  • The first generation of work was hunting and killing animals.
  • The second generation of work was farming and growing crops.
  • The third generation of work moved towards cities, factories & small business work.
  • The fourth generation of work was in an office.
  • The fifth generation of work would be VIRTUAL -"Work anyplace, Work anytime, Work anywhere"

Learn how to leverage the virtual business model for maximum effectiveness with the new program Business Management in the Virtual Environment Option.  Learn special techniques for being successful at managing, coaching, and developing team members in this new and exciting, but challenging environment.

Visit this page for the Spring 2010 class schedule. 

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