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Take Entrepreneurship courses that fit your goals and lifestyle!

Individualized courses are available for entrepreneurs who are interested in building a business.  You can enroll in these courses on an ongoing basis.  The place to begin is with an Assessment - ENTR-102.  After completion of the assessment, a plan for courses will be provided.  You will work one-to-one with a business coach who will provide support and assistance for your specific business needs.  Below is the list of individualized courses:

ENTR-102, Entrepreneurial Assessment
ENTR-103, Business Coaching
ENTR-104, Business Plan Development

ENTR-105, Business Plan Writing
ENTR-106, Presenting the Business Plan
ENTR-107, Problem Solving for the Entrepreneur
ENTR-108, Marketing Plan Development
ENTR-109, Customer Service for the Business Start-Up
ENTR-110, Basic Website Development
ENTR-111, Advanced Website Development

In addition to individualized course options, students can enroll in traditional courses, which are face-to-face and available during the regular semester timeframe.  ENTR-101, Entrepreneurship & Creativity, provides students with the opportunity to participate in a Rocket Marketing event, where students present their business idea to an audience comprised of community leaders and college staff and faculty.

ENTR-100, Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Process (course is for Silas Craft Collegians only)
ENTR-101, Entrepreneurship & Creativity
ENTR-120, Entrepreneurship in Practice
ENTR-205, Online Auctions as a Business Tool
ENTR-210, Developing Business Opportunities & Plans
ENTR-220, Financing Entrepreneurial Operations
ENTR-215, Technology Transfer from Invention to Marketplace

For more information on the courses, call Betty Noble at 443-518-4111 or