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The Business and Computer Systems Division seeks to instill these ten outcomes in all graduates of division AA degree programs.

1.    Engage in an actual business setting (real-time, real-life experience) in order to develop a practical understanding of how to function within that setting.

2.    Communicate effectively and deliver professional oral and written presentation(s) in various business settings.

3.    Operate in an ethical, professional manner consistent with the career field.

4.    Function in an up-to-date technological environment, consistent with the chosen career field.

5.    Demonstrate understanding of financial foundations of business operations.

6.    Demonstrate the ability to think critically (problem-solve, be creative, make decisions).  

7.    Function as a team member and leader in a cooperative and goal-directed manner.

8.    Use accepted data-gathering and analysis techniques.

9.    Incorporate awareness of global impacts on commerce and business.

10.   Demonstrate an openness to change and be able to function in an environment of change.