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Wind, Brass, and Percussion Master Classes and Clinics

Using Better Breathing Habits to Improve Sound with Dr. Kyle Coughlin

Good breathing habits are the key to developing a full tone on your musical instrument.  However, many students use only a small portion of their lung capacity.  In this clinic Dr. Coughlin will guide your students through a series of exercises, showing them the way to breathe deeper, exhale stronger, and produce better tones with a wider dynamic range.  The exercises will help them develop good breathing habits and distinguish between a great sound and a less than great sound.  Your ensemble will sound better and have fun making music.  This clinic is appropriate for all levels.

Percussion Clinics with Tim McKay

Percussion faculty Tim McKay is available for every type of percussion need that you can think of.  He is available to coach percussion ensembles and lead percussion sectionals for your wind ensemble, orchestra, or marching band.  He can is available for master classes on snare drum, keyboard percussion (2 and 4 mallets), timpani, and a variety of accessories like the tambourine, cymbals, triangle, and bass drum.  Depending on the needs of your ensemble, topics can include technique, symphonic literature, and proper equipment care and maintenance.

Tell Us What You Need

If there are specific matters that you would like our faculty to help you with, please let us know.  Our instructors have many years of experience with a diverse range of styles and genres.  We can assist by providing master classes, clinics, sectionals, or coaching sessions with your jazz groups, concert bands, orchestras, choirs, or chamber ensembles.  Contact Dr. Kyle Coughlin at with any questions.

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