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The music faculty of HCC is available for master classes and clinics at schools in Howard County.  If you are looking for someone to help improve your school’s ensemble, inspire your students, or help them develop a new skill, consider using our faculty as part of the HCC Music Outreach Program.

We can help your students develop better practice techniques, improve as an ensemble, prepare for auditions, learn how to improvise, improve their swing rhythms, or anything else that will help them develop their musical skills.  Follow any of the links below for more details on clinics we can provide at your school.  If you have any other requests, tell us what you need and we will do everything we can to help you and your ensemble.

General Music Skills
Simple Steps to Learning a New Piece of Music
Rhythm Is Fun!  RhythmBot and MetronomeBot

Wind, Brass, and Percussion
Using Better Breathing Habits to Improve Sound
Percussion Clinics

Scientific Advancements for String Instruments
Viva Vibrato!
Preparing for an Audition
String Sectionals

A Basic Introduction to Jazz Improvisation
Improving Your Swing Rhythms

For more information or to set up a clinic or master class, please contact Kyle Coughlin at or 443-518-4391.

Tell Us What You Need

If there are specific matters that you would like our faculty to help you with, please let us know.  Our instructors have many years of experience with a diverse range of styles and genres.  We can assist by providing master classes, clinics, sectionals, or coaching sessions with your jazz groups, concert bands, orchestras, choirs, or chamber ensembles.  Contact Dr. Kyle Coughlin at with any questions.