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Simple Steps to Learning a New Piece of Music with Dr. Kyle Coughlin

Dr. Coughlin has created a list of 5 simple steps that will enable students learn new music effortlessly and accurately.  Good musicianship requires a solid understanding of the basic elements of music like sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, and form.  Also, to give good performances, we must develop strong musical skills and learn how to respond quickly.  Each Simple Step is a fun, interactive exercise that focuses on one element of music at a time, helping students put together the information and skills needed to produce an effective performance.

Feed your students a fish, or teach them how to fish?  This clinic will give them the tools to learn music better and more efficiently, and involves constant interaction with your students.  It is particularly appropriate for beginners, but is an effective way to help middle school and high school students to learn music more accurately.

Rhythm Is Fun!  RhythmBot and MetronomeBot with Dr. Kyle Coughlin

Rhythm is at the same time one of the simplest and most complex elements of music.  An ensemble must keep a steady beat to play together, but complicated rhythmic patterns can make that very difficult.  Dr. Coughlin will work with your students and demonstrate how to improve their practice techniques, how to use a metronome, and how to make the transition from clapping and counting to playing melodies accurately.

The clinic stems from Dr. Coughlin’s websites, and www.RhythmBot.comIt can be geared towards students of any level and involves his RhythmBot method book.

Tell Us What You Need

If there are specific matters that you would like our faculty to help you with, please let us know.  Our instructors have many years of experience with a diverse range of styles and genres.  We can assist by providing master classes, clinics, sectionals, or coaching sessions with your jazz groups, concert bands, orchestras, choirs, or chamber ensembles.  Contact Dr. Kyle Coughlin at with any questions.

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