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Howard Community College has long been recognized as an exceptional community college in the quality of its programs, the excellence of its teachers, and the embracing and promoting of cutting-edge technology. This reputation has been maintained while offering a sound education at a relatively low cost to the student. In the last few years, this well-deserved reputation has been extended to the Music Department. Despite the affordability of an education here, the Music Department maintains very high standards that articulate easily into four-year colleges and universities. This effort has been gaining wide recognition and acceptance in the local and regional music community. We are dedicated to providing students with an exceptional educational and artistic experience while fostering a lifelong appreciation of and commitment to excellence in music. Through the study and creation of music, students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds are given the opportunity to express their artistic creativity.       
HCC’s vital and rapidly growing Music Department serves the community through two primary divisions: the collegiate music department and the nondegree program, the Music Institute (formerly known as the Musical Arts Center).  

In the HCC Music Department, the following opportunities exist:

  1. The music department offers all coursework required to complete the associate of arts degree in music and associate of arts degree in music therapy. The latter is the first such degree in the state of Maryland. 
  2. The music department provides college students from other majors with courses that fulfill the college fine arts general education CORE curriculum and enhances their exposure to the performing arts through concerts held throughout the school year. The department also offers opportunities for participation in music ensembles and music lessons for personal enrichment.
  3. The music department offers to the greater community the opportunity to participate fully in classes, lessons, and ensembles through special college enrollment programs and the Department of Continuing Education.
  4. The music department offers to high school students age 16 and up the opportunity to register for classes for which they will receive college credit.

In the Music Institute (MI), the noncredit division, the music program is extended to students of all ages through the following:

  1. Private instruction in piano, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, guitar (orchestral and band/jazz instruments), jazz improvisation, theory, and composition.
  2. Beginning classes in piano and jazz improvisation.
  3. A variety of ensembles that include Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Junior Jazz/Rock Band, HCC Singers, Children’s Choir, Senior Choir, Cello Ensemble, Beginning Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and various other small chamber ensembles.