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This event is sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Division and the Office of Student Life. Films planned for the Poetry Film Festival are subject to change.

April 21-24, 2014
Monteaboro Recital Hall, Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center
All Films Are Free To The Public

April 21 Monday: 12:30 and 3 PM Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice is a 1993 drama written and directed by John Singleton and starring Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Regina King in a film about a young woman who writes beautiful poems (actually written by Maya Angelou, who has a small role in the film), which she recites throughout the movie. 109 minutes.

April 22 Tuesday: 12:30 Dead Poets Society 3 PM Tom and Viv
Dead Poet's Society is a 1989 drama directed by Peter Weir and starring Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard and Ethan Hawke in a film about an English teacher who inspires his students to a love of poetry and to seize the day. 128 minutes.Tom and Viv is a 1994 biographical drama directed by Brian Gilbert and starring Willem Dafoe, Miranda Richardson and Rosemary Harris in a film set in 1915 and the relationship between T.S. (Tom) Eliot and Vivienne Haigh-Wood. 115 minutes.

April 23 Wednesday: 12:30 and 3 PM Shakespeare in Love
Shakespeare in Love is a 1998 comedy directed by John Madden and starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes and Geoffrey Rush in a film about a young William Shakespeare who meets his ideal woman and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays. 123 minutes.

April 24 Thursday: 12-2 PM Slam
Slam is a 1998 drama written and directed by Marc Levin and starring Saul Williams, Sonja Sohn and Bonz Malone in the story of Ray Joshua, an original, gifted young MC trapped in a war-zone housing project known as Dodge City. 100 minutes.