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NameDateStartEndBuildingRoom     Meeting Notes
Diversity Committee Meeting10/4/1312:00pm1:30pmDuncan HallDH-100Download
the notes
Diversity Committee Meeting11/12/132:00pm3:00pmClark LibraryCL-154Download
the notes
Diversity Committee Meeting12/3/132:00pm3:00pmClark LibraryCL-154Download
 the notes
Diversity Committee Meeting2/11/142:00pm3:00pmClark LibraryN-114Download the notes 

Diversity Committee Meeting

3/11/142:00pm3:00pmClark LibraryN-114Download the notes
Diversity Committee Meeting4/8/142:00pm3:00pmClark LibraryN-114Download the notes
Diversity Committee Meeting5/13/1412:00pm1:30pmRCF401

**If any member misses more than fifty percent of the diversity committee meetings held in a fiscal year, that member’s term is automatically ended and a new member shall be appointed.