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Diversity Request Form

This form should be used to request a diversity index number for an upcoming HCC event. Requests should be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the event.  Event proposals are reviewed at each Diversity Committee Meeting.

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Event Information

Describe why you believe this event should receive diversity credit. Please be sure to cite how the event meets each of the six criteria listed below.*
1. Events must be informative (educational). Attendees must walk away from a learning experience as it relates to diversity. Attendees must be able to answer “What did you learn about diversity from this event?”

2. Events must be interactive (encourage audience participation, including lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and/or Q&A sessions). To reinforce awareness/learning, an interactive component is necessary. Attendees must have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers, participate in discussions, or interact through demonstrations, learning exercises, games, panel speakers, etc.

3. Events must contain a reflective element that introduces participants to new thoughts and ideas. (Reflective components can be discussions sessions and/or Q&A sessions). Attendees must have the opportunity to revisit and process the information learned and understand practical applications to diversity in everyday life.

4. Events must help to further the mission, vision and/or values of Howard Community College. (Please include specific connections/references to the mission, vision and/or values statements).

Mission - Providing pathways to success

Vision - A place to discover greatness in yourself and others

Values - Innovation, Nurturing, Sustainability, Partnerships, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service
For example: An event that focuses on increasing awareness of a specific culture can be tied to the college’s mission, vision, and values in the following way: “Increased awareness of “X” culture, prepares our campus community to serve members of that culture with the integrity and respect appropriate to their culture expectations. In turn, these guests feel to select HCC as the place “to discover greatness” and envision their “pathways to success”.

5. Events must raise/increase diversity awareness. (Age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnic backgrounds, and ability/disability). Attendees of the event must have a clear understanding of which aspect of diversity was being addressed and be able to answer “How was my diversity awareness increased or gained?”

6. Events must contain material that is useful and appropriate to the target audience (HCC students/staff/faculty). Events should be of appropriate length and presented at a time that is most beneficial to the target audience. The event should also present information that is practical and useful for the target audience.

Events on campus are assigned competency categories for professional development purposes. Please select which competency/Code your event will fulfill.
Please identify one of the below categories that applies to your Diversity event. Make your selection on the drop down menu under the table.

1. Multiculturalism: Awareness, Acceptance, Communication in a Global Society
-Understanding Common dimensions of cultural differences and performing job tasks for culturally diverse customers
2. Community Book Connection
-Topics presented as related to the community book selection
3. Speaker Series
-Programs presented by speakers
4. Cultural Awareness
-Programs that focus on various cultural experiences to help bring diverse awareness
5. The Multicultural Workplace
-Programs/Trainings that foster embracing multiculturalism in the workplace
6. Differently-Abled Awareness
-Programs with a focus on person who are differently abled