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The Diversity Committee reviews and plans annual college-wide diversity activities, participates in employment search committees, provides input on important college policies, develops (facilitates, and recommends) appropriate management and staff diversity training, performs diversity related fact-finding activities as needed, periodically reviews and revises HCC diversity plan and responds to current diversity issues affecting the college community.      

Outcomes are measured by:

  • The diverse schedule of annual college activities.
  • The number of faculty and staff search committees in which we participate.
  • The periodic review, recommendation and implementation of "as needed" staff, faculty, students and administrative diversity training throughout the college school year.
  • The climate of diversity ratings on student and faculty/staff surveys.

The diversity committee consists of representatives from all college constituencies to promote diversity throughout Howard Community College. The FY 2011 members are listed below:

Administrative Group
  • Christele Cain, International Ed
  • Camilo Garcia, Records and Registration
  • Alissa Putman, Counseling and Career Services
  • Eli Stav, Test Center
  • Linda Wu, AIS
Faculty Group
  • Renee Barger, Arts and Humanities
  • Valerie Davies, Health Sciences
  • Evelyn Del Rosario, Social Sciences
  • Jenny Male,  Arts and Humanities  
  • Ben Myers,  Music
  • Ann Repka, Science and Technology
  • Jennifer Stanford, Health Sciences
Professional/Technical Group
  • Emily Betz Close, ESL
  • Brittany Budden, Center for Service Learning
  • Nassim Ebrahimi, PROD
  • Crystal French, Gateway BTC
  • Schnell Garrett, Student Life
  • Patty Grim, Print Shop
  • Zakia Johnson, Student Support Services
  • Julie Jones, Horowitz Center
  • Heather Joseph, IT
  • Melanie Moore, President’s Office
  • Catalina Ruiz, Con Ed
  • Linda Schnapp, Student Support Services
  • Parul Shah, Learning Assistance Center
  • Narinder Sharma, Welcome Center
  • Eva Surowiec, Admissions and Advising
  • Veronica Uhland, Academic Support Services
  • Karen Vadnais, TV Studio
  • Chuni Wang, ELI
Support Staff
  • Sherry Holbrook-Atkinson, Bookstore
  • Ann Kukulies, Counseling and Career Services
  • Maya Patel, Math & Distance/Alternative Learning Division 
Ex Officio Representatives
  • Llatetra Brown, ex officio, Student Life
  • Dave Jordan, ex officio, Human Resources
  • Janice Marks, ex officio,  Academic Support, Counseling & Career Services
Student Representatives
  • Sergut Admasu (student)
  • Lauren Perkins (student)

Please contact the Co-Chairs to request a search committee representative or for information on becoming a member of the Diversity Committee.

Former Diversity Committee Members