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The Diversity Committee reviews and plans annual college-wide diversity activities, participates in employment search committees, provides input on important college policies, develops (facilitates, and recommends) appropriate management and staff diversity training, performs diversity related fact-finding activities as needed, periodically reviews and revises HCC diversity plan and responds to current diversity issues affecting the college community.      

Outcomes are measured by:

  • The diverse schedule of annual college activities.
  • The number of faculty and staff search committees in which we participate.
  • The periodic review, recommendation and implementation of "as needed" staff, faculty, students and administrative diversity training throughout the college school year.
  • The climate of diversity ratings on student and faculty/staff surveys.

FY2010 Membership:
The diversity committee consists of representatives from all college constituencies to promote diversity throughout Howard Community College. The FY 2010 members are listed below:

Ann Kukulies, Counseling and Career Services
Ben Myers, Faculty, Music
Catalina Ruiz, Con Ed
Cathi Watts, LAC
Cherisse Carlin, Financial Aid
Christele Cain, Office of International Education
Christi Sutton, PR and Marketing
Chuni Wang, ELI
Crystal French, IT, Gateway BTC
Dave Jordan, (co-chair) Human Resources (ex Officio)
Eli Stav, Test Center
Emily Betz Close, ESL
Heather Joseph, IT
Janice Marks, ex officio,  Academic Support, Counseling & Career Services
Jennifer Stanford, Faculty, Health Sciences
Jenny Male, Faculty, Arts and Humanities Division  
Julie Jones, (co-chair)  Horowitz Center, Arts and Humanities Division
Karen Vadnais, TV Studio
Linda Schnapp, Student Support Services
Llatetra Brown, ex officio, Student Life
Maya Patel, Math & Distance/Alternative Learning Division
Melanie Moore, President’s Office
Narinder Sharma, Welcome Center
Nassim Ebrahimi, PROD
Parul Shah, Learning Assistance Center
Patty Grim, Print Shop
Schnell Garrett, Student Life
Sherry Atkinson, Bookstore
Simone Breuninger, Plant Ops
Sung Lee, Student Computer Support
Valerie Davies, Faculty, Health Sciences
Vacant, Student Representative
Vacant, Student Representative