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No area of the college may throw away inventoried items.  Periodically, excess inventory that has not been claimed by other areas of the college may be disposed of using one of the following methods:

  • Donated to the Howard County Government
  • Donated to the Howard County Public School System
  • Special donations to organizations
  • Public sale
  • Other appropriate methods as approved by the vice president of administration and finance

Inventoried furniture and equipment* that an area wishes to dispose of may be removed from the area only by contacting plant operations and placing a work order to move the item(s).  It is the responsibility of the inventory monitor to complete a “Relocation or Theft of an Asset” form, which documents the movement of the asset.  This form is then attached electronically to the work order.  The following information should be included:

  1. Current location
  2. Description of item
  3. Serial number (if available)
  4. Original cost and year of purchase (if known)
  5. Condition

Once the work order has been executed, it is the responsibility of plant operations to determine if the item should be discarded or moved to excess inventory. Once determined, plant operations will forward the “Relocation or Theft of Asset” form to the inventory coordinator.  The inventory coordinator will then update the database. 

Once an item is sent to plant operations for storage because the department no longer has any use for it, the item is included in the “excess inventory.”  Plant operations will keep track of excess inventory items available.

Every effort should be made to find a use for the excess inventory items before permanent disposal.  Disposals will be made on a case-by-case basis by the plant operations team.

It is illegal to throw computers in the trash. 

Grant Assets

Prior to the sale or disposal of assets purchased with federal grant funds, the college must notify the agency sponsoring the grant.  In some instances, the college must obtain permission from the sponsoring grant agency to sell the assets, and the proceeds from the sale must be forwarded to the agency.  The finance office maintains documentation on the grants with this requirement.

*Computer equipment, AV equipment, or specialized equipment monitored by other departments requires coordination with that area to dispose of special inventory items. (see list below)


director, user & network services
director, student computer support

Audio Visual Equipment         director of instructional media
Theatre Equipment      Horowitz Center technical director
Electronics Lab Equipment   electronics/technology laboratory manager
TV Equipment                           executive producer, television services director

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  05/13/11