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Alcohol on Campus

The college discourages the serving of alcohol at events on campus.  Exceptions for certain gatherings can be made with the appropriate approval and paperwork.  Events on campus during which liquor is served require permission from the president as well as the completion of the internal alcohol use form.  Forms can be obtained from the executive associate to the president in the president’s office.

Liquor Licenses

If there is a cash bar or admission charge to the event or for an alcohol-related class, it is also necessary to obtain a single-event/one day liquor licenses (i.e., Special Class C License) from the Howard County Board of License Commissioners.  This form can be obtained on the web at:  The form must be signed by the president.

A check request must be completed by the individual cost center responsible for the event to pay for the liquor license in accordance with the current charge from the county, which is specified on the liquor license application.  Temporary licenses will be mailed directly to the requestor from the county.  Individuals responsible for the event must have the liquor license on site of the event, displayed if possible.

In accordance with the Howard County Board of License Commissioners, no more than 12 Special Class C liquor licenses can be obtained in one year by the college.  The allotment of 12 includes licenses by the Howard Community College Educational Foundation and Rep Stage as well as any other departments.  Fundraising events and continuing education classes will have priority in being counted as part of the 12 allotments.  The president’s office will keep track of the number of allotments used.

Outside vendors holding events at the college must obtain their own liquor licenses and do not count against the college’s allotment.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:    12/09/11