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It is the policy of Howard Community College that adequate insurance protection be obtained against the risks inherent in the operation of an institution of higher education.  Therefore, the college will insure against risks of loss related to torts; theft of, damage to, and destruction of assets; errors and omissions; injuries to employees; and natural disasters. 

Howard County, Maryland has created and funded this comprehensive self-insurance program to provide compensation for injury to persons or damage to property resulting from the negligence or other wrongful acts of the County’s public officials, employees, and agents for which the County is legally liable.  The college is a member of the Howard County, Maryland Self-Insurance Fund, which provides general and automobile liability insurance, all-risk property and workers’ compensation insurance for Howard County, Maryland.  The Fund is a self-insurance mechanism, authorized under Maryland law, by which local governments pool together to provide casualty self-insurance coverage.  The establishment of this Fund does not constitute a waiver of the immunities, and defenses available to Howard County, Maryland, for its officers, agents, and employees (Section 23.100 Title 23, Howard County Code).

It shall also be the policy of the college to maintain a commercial crime policy and require all persons who are authorized to sign checks to be bonded.  Liability insurance for errors and omissions shall be provided for trustees and designated college staff.  Travel accidental death, medical benefits, and dismemberment insurance shall be provided to cover the risk to trustees and the vice presidents on official college business.         

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  02/08/13