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The college is committed to campus-wide sustainability initiatives and promotes the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible products.  Departments are encouraged to purchase environmentally preferable and socially responsible products that meet the criteria as provided by the procurement office, when quality, performance, and price are comparable to alternatives.  Environmentally preferable products are those products made with post-consumer recycled content, are recyclable, energy efficient, or bio-based products.  In the commitment to support the purchase and use of such products, sustainability requirements shall be included in all college solicitations, when practical.  In competitive solicitations, the college may allow for a percentage price preference not to exceed five (5) percent for the purchase of products made from environmentally-friendly products. 

Suppliers will be required, upon request, to provide within a reasonable time frame, information to enable a life cycle assessment, including material sources, extraction, fabrication, and transportation to assess their impact on the environment.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  07/01/10