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When it is determined by the director of procurement of Howard Community College that cooperative purchasing efforts may result in a fiscal advantage to the college, the director is authorized to enter into a cooperative purchasing plan with other state and local entities for the purpose of developing specifications, terms, and conditions.  The director of procurement may formally solicit the cooperative purchase for participating entities and make available necessary resources to form a contract if an award results from the process.

Additionally, the college may utilize contracts generated by a unit of the federal government, a state government, local government, political subdivision, or a private purchasing cooperative organization established for the benefit of public entities.  The contract must have been awarded as a result of a competitive process, allow for use by other units of government, and have terms and conditions acceptable to the college.

The director of procurement will determine in each instance that: the public entity has complied substantially with the formal competitive solicitation requirements of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland; the contract is allowed to be used by the college; and the terms and conditions of the agreement are consistent with the needs of the college.  After such determination has been made, the director of procurement will provide the confirmation and any necessary supporting documentation to the appropriate authority for purchase.

The procurement office will submit a quarterly report to the board for the current fiscal year that summarizes all such purchases that are not small procurements.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15