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For purposes of this policy, a Howard Community College emergency procurement is defined as:

  • a sudden and unexpected occurrence or condition that could not reasonably be foreseen and that poses an actual and immediate threat to continuance of normal operation of the college;
  • a situation where immediate action is necessary to avoid or mitigate serious damage to public health, safety, or welfare; or
  • when failure to immediately act would result in significant harm to the college.

If the president deems an emergency exists that necessitates a purchase that does not qualify as a small procurement, the purchase may be made without following normal purchasing procedures in order to obtain goods or services quickly to respond to the emergency.  Competition will be sought to the extent feasible to provide a measure of assurance of a reasonable price, given the circumstances, and the purchase will be limited to the procurement of only the types and quantities of items necessary. 

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15