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At Howard Community College, a sole source procurement is not permissible unless a requirement is available from only a single vendor.  The following are some examples of circumstances that could necessitate sole source procurement:

  1. only one source exists that meets the requirements;
  2. the compatibility of equipment, accessories, or replacement parts is the paramount consideration;
  3. a sole vendor's item is needed for trial use or testing;
  4. a sole vendor's item is to be procured for resale; or
  5. certain public utility services are to be procured and only one source exists.

As provided in the sole source policy, the director of procurement will make the determination whether the requirements of the college can be satisfied only by a single vendor.  This determination and the basis for it will be in writing.  The director of procurement may specify the application of the determination and the duration of its effectiveness.  Negotiations will still be conducted as to price, terms, and delivery.

Any request by a cost center manager that a procurement be restricted to one vendor will be accompanied by an acceptable explanation as to why no other will be suitable or acceptable to meet the needs of the college.

The procurement office will submit a quarterly report to the board for the current fiscal year that summarizes all such purchases that are not small procurements.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15