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A formal request for proposals will be issued for procurements, as provided in the Howard Community College policy, 62.05B – Request for Proposals, that are reasonably expected to cost $25,000 or more, or cumulatively cost $25,000 or more.  The request for proposals will be advertised for at least two weeks before proposals are to be filed with the college. 

Requests for proposals will include the following information:

  • scope of the procurement contract;
  • results to be achieved or services to be provided; and
  • the factors, including price, that will be used in evaluating proposals.

After receipt of proposals, but before award of the procurement contract, the director of procurement, or designee, may conduct discussions with an offeror to obtain the best price for the college and ensure full understanding of the requirements of the college as set forth in the request for proposals solicitation document and the proposal submitted by the offeror.

If discussions are conducted, the director of procurement will provide an opportunity to participate to each responsible offeror who submits a proposal that, in the judgment of the director, is reasonably susceptible of being selected for award.  All responsible offerors will be treated fairly and equally.  The director of procurement may allow all of the responsible offerors to revise their initial proposals by submitting best and final offers, if discussions indicate that it would be in the best interests of the college to do so.  The director may conduct more than one series of discussions and requests for best and final offers, but may not disclose to an offeror any information derived from a proposal of or discussions with a competing offeror.

The director of procurement will provide the board of trustees with the necessary documentation to make an award.  Additionally, the procurement office shall submit a quarterly report to the board that summarizes all such awards for the current fiscal year.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15