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 The Howard Community College president designates the director of procurement to implement the process for competitive sealed proposals as provided in §16-313 of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland. 

Competitive sealed proposals may be used for procurements in the following categories:

  • educational or consultant services;
  • building, improvement, equipment, or supplies when a determination is made by the director of procurement that specifications cannot be prepared that allow an award based on the lowest bid price, the lowest evaluated bid price, or the bid most favorable to the college; or
  • the director of procurement determines that the need to use a method other than competitive sealed bids is sufficiently compelling to override the public policy that favors awarding procurement contracts on the basis of competitive sealed bids and the use of competitive sealed bids for that procurement contract is not practicable or not advantageous for the college.

A contract as a result of a competitive sealed proposals process will be approved by the board of trustees, after obtaining any approval required by law, and awarded to the responsible offeror who submits the proposal, or best and final offer, determined to be the most advantageous to the college considering the evaluation factors set forth in the request for proposals solicitation document.

The board of trustees may reject any and all proposals and readvertise for other offers.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15