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A formal invitation to bid will be issued by Howard Community College for any purchase or cumulative purchase that is reasonably expected to cost $25,000 or more and that does not fall into an exemption category or alternative method determination.  The bid will be advertised for at least two weeks before bids are to be submitted. 

Invitations to bid will include the following information:

  • date, time, and place of bid opening;
  • specifications for the item or services being purchased; and
  • criteria for awarding bid, including whether it will be awarded based on lowest bid price, lowest evaluated bid price, or price most favorable to the college.

If it becomes necessary to issue an addendum prior to the bid opening, the director of procurement will determine whether the bid opening date should be extended.  Care will be taken to ensure fair and equal treatment of all vendors during the bid process.

After bids are opened, the bid will be evaluated by appropriate staff to determine the lowest responsible, responsive bidder meeting all specifications.  Additionally, any procurement preferences will be taken into consideration as specified in the bid documents.

If all aspects of the bids are determined to be equal, the director of procurement will document that fact and recommend award by one of the following methods:

1.  award to an equal business opportunity (EBO) bidder, when tied with a non-EBO bidder;


2.  in the presence of a witness, conduct a drawing to determine the awardee and record the results.

After a determination for award has been made, the director of procurement will provide the recommendation and supporting documentation to the appropriate authority for award.

The procurement office will submit a quarterly report to the board that summarizes all such awards for the current fiscal year.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15