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Howard Community College will procure only those goods and services that are required to further the mission, vision, values, and strategic goals of the institution and fill a bona fide need.  It is the intent of the college to eliminate redundant purchases, achieve cost efficiencies, and incorporate adequate verification.  Procurements shall be made in accordance with the college’s procedures, as well as §§16-311, 16-313, and 16-314 of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and any other applicable local, state, and federal laws or regulations. 

In the purchase of all goods and services, the prices paid by the college will reflect competitive pricing resulting in the lowest reasonable cost with due consideration being made for quantity, quality, the service record of the vendor, and the best interest of the institution.  To ensure that the college receives the best value, all purchases or cumulative purchases that are expected to be $25,000 or more will be competitively solicited through a formal invitation to bid or a request for proposals, unless another method is authorized.  Items that are less than $25,000 will be purchased as a “small procurement” in accordance with the established procedures.  Regardless of the categorization of the purchase, all purchases will be made with complete impartiality based strictly on the merits of supplier proposals and the applicable needs of the college. 

The board of trustees designates the president to carry out the procurement function for the college, pursuant to the authority specified in the purchasing procedures.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   05/08/15