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Howard Community College (HCC) welcomes those attending and participating in the various programs and events on campus.  However, visitors must have a legitimate reason for to be on campus.  Since the college is a learning institution, policies and procedure are in place to ensure there are no disruptions to the learning process.  To this end, all visitors are required to comply with all college policies and procedures as well as policies and procedures listed in the student handbook and instruction and direction given by any employee.

Only HCC students or authorized persons are permitted to use HCC owned computers on campus, with some exceptions such as the computers located in the Café on the Quad, which are open to students or visitors. 

Visitors to the library must comply with the “Standards of Classroom Behavior Policy” located in the student handbook.  These standards are common courtesies that should be rendered to those using any library.  Computers located in the library are for the exclusive use of HCC students with the exception of catalog-only terminals.  Non-students are only permitted to use terminals for searches. 

The athletic and fitness center requires all visitors for non-athletic events to first report and sign in at the front lobby.  Visitors must purchase a user pass from the cashier’s office and must display this pass upon request of authorized HCC employees.  Use of all athletic fields is by contract; visitors and participants must comply with any posted regulations. Use of the track must be in compliance with posted regulations.

During an event, any inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior exhibited toward coaches, players, officials, game personnel, or other spectators, will be subject to a warning at the very least and could result in immediate ejection from the contest or campus.

Non-students are not subject to college sanctions placed on HCC students.  Non-students can be asked to leave campus for any inappropriate behavior and violations of this policy.  Refusal to leave could result in arrest for trespassing.  Violations will be referred to the office of the vice president of administration and finance, who will review the incident.  Non-students could receive a warning letter or a banning notice generated by the director of public safety not to return to campus.  Any violations of the banning notice would be a violation of Maryland State law and the person could be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing.

Those banned from HCC can appeal the decision by sending a request by mail to the vice president of administration and finance.

Policy Manual Review/Revision: 04/11/14