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Howard Community College employees and students are responsible for complying with H.R. 4137, section 668.14 of the provision of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) prohibiting illegal peer-to-peer file sharing.  Downloading or sharing copyrighted music, videos, or games without permission from the copyright owner may result in criminal and civil penalties.  In compliance with the HEOA, the college will:

  • Inform employees and students on an annual basis that illegal distribution of copyrighted materials may result in criminal and civil penalties.  The disclosure will include  the steps the college is taking to detect such violations and the disciplinary system in place to respond to illegal distribution.
  • Certify to the U.S. Secretary of Education that the college has plans in place to detect and prohibit the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.
  • Inform students and employees regarding alternatives to illegal file sharing.
  • Periodically review the effectiveness of the plan.

The annual disclosure and detailed information will be posted to the college website along with existing copyright policies.  Additional information on peer-to-peer file sharing can be found through the library webpage at:

Policy Manual Review/Revision:    09/09/11