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1.    General.  The use of voicemail at Howard Community College is subject to the same provisions as outlined in college policies, 61.12, Proper Use of Information Technology and 61.13, Protection of College Information and Electronic Resources.

2.    Accounts.  Voicemail boxes are issued to full-time and part-time employees.  Voicemail boxes must be protected by a password, which must never be the same as the last four digits of the telephone number of the voicemail box.

3.    Local and Long Distance Calls.  Employees may occasionally use the college phone system to make personal local phone calls.  Brief personal use of the phone system is acceptable for local calls as long as it is not excessive or inappropriate.  Personal long distance calls are not authorized, unless prepaid using a calling card or other method.

4.    Access.  The college does not routinely access the contents of employee voicemail messages.  However, access may take place when required to protect employees or to comply with legal requirements.

5.    Account Maintenance.  Messages in the voicemail system, by design, are purged from the system every 30 days.  This purge includes played and unplayed messages.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:    11/13/09