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1.  General.  The college restricts employees from connecting personal communication devices (PCDs), such as laptops or hand-held devices to the wired local area network.  However, if required for instructional purposes, requests should be submitted to the technology help desk five business days prior to the date of expected use.  The appropriate information technology (IT) director will evaluate requests for feasibility, need, and risk and will coordinate installation of personally owned devices, if approved. 

2.  Issuance of College-Owned Devices.  Vice presidents determine which employees are issued PCDs at the college’s expense.  These devices are issued to employees with duties that require them to be accessible when away from their normal work locations.

3.  Communications Requirements.  Employees who purchase wireless devices for personal use and desire to retrieve college email must ensure devices are compatible with HCC standards.  The college does not support maintenance or configuration of personal devices.

4.  Data Storage.  Refer to college procedure, 61.13.01, Safeguarding College Information, for storage requirements and restrictions of regulated and confidential information on college-owned and personal computers and devices.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:    11/13/09