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1.      General.  HCC’s wireless network covers many areas of the campus and enables staff to connect to the Internet and other college network resources.  The wireless network has bandwidth limitations and should be viewed as augmenting the wired network to provide more flexible and mobile network use.  Applications that require large amounts of bandwidth or are sensitive to changes in signal quality and strength, are not appropriate for wireless access.  Wireless networking is appropriate for uses such as email and web browsing.  Refer to college procedure, 61.12.05, Personal Communication Devices.

2.      Access to the College Wireless Network:

  • Connection of personal wireless access points and routers is prohibited.
  • College-owned laptops with wireless capability must be configured by IT staff to allow connection for secure wireless access.  
  • Wireless transmissions are not encrypted and should not be relied upon as secure.

3.      Personal Devices.  Employees who desire to access the college’s wireless network with personal devices should contact the information technology help desk for instructions.

4.      Risk Avoidance.  Due to the potential exposure inherent to wireless technology, employees must not use the wireless network to transmit or download regulated or confidential information to personal devices.  Refer to college procedure, 61.13.01, Safeguarding College Information.

5.      Monitoring and Reporting.  The information technology staff monitors the wireless network for security, and performance.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  11/13/09