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Howard Community College employee access to the internet and college portal is intended for academic use and to support college business processes.  Brief and occasional personal use of the Internet is acceptable as long as it is not excessive or inappropriate and occurs during personal time.  Use is defined as "excessive" if it interferes with normal job functions, responsiveness, or the ability to perform daily job activities.  Supervisors determine the appropriateness and whether such use is excessive.  At times, network staff may contact supervisors if an employee is utilizing bandwidth that seems excessive and is interfering with normal network operations.

Employees are restricted from using college-owned computers to access the Internet for the following activities:

  • Engaging in private or personal business activities
  • Engaging in unlawful or malicious activities
  • Sending, receiving, or accessing pornographic or illegal materials
  • Knowingly causing congestion, disruption, disablement, alteration, or impairment of college networks or systems, including downloading or streaming videos or downloading music for personal use
  • Infringing in any way on the copyrights or trademark rights of others
  • Defeating or attempting to defeat security restrictions on college networks, systems, and applications
  • Downloading or installing any non-standard,  application without prior authorization by the information technology department
  • Engaging in peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing
  • Using a proxy or other services to circumvent college security restrictions.

Access to non-standard ports is restricted for network security requirements.  Faculty and staff should contact the information technology help desk when access to a restricted port may be required for college business.

Policy Manual Review/Revision: 04/11/14